Solar energy Portugal – Home battery storage Algarve. Generate solar power with renewable energy system and battery storage Portugal Algarve. Energy production from renewable sources as the sun with PV panels. Store it with home battery systems. PV systems customized for your needs with RCT power or SMA solar.

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Solar energy Portugal – Home battery storage Algarve.

Solar panels belong to every roof, and a good project manager makes that possible. I have been active in the field of sustainable energy for several years now. First in the Netherlands and now in the Algarve Portugal. The companies I work with are all Portuguese companies that are certified and have the necessary experience in the field of Alternative Energy. Every company has its area of expertise and quality products. In this way, together we make an active contribution to the sustainability of the energy supply. We do this by offering total solutions in the field of sustainable energy generation.


Solar energy Portugal – Home battery storage Algarve

If you talk about PV panels for your home, most people will immediately think of photovoltaic panels. PV panels are used to convert energy from the sun light into electricity. Photovoltaic panels consist of a large number of cells, which in their turn include two layers, a positive and a negative layer. Under the influence of light (i.e. no heat), an electric current flows between these two layers. This flow can then be used or stored. PV cells are also called photovoltaic cells, the Greek word for light, photos, and the name for electric current, volt. The abbreviation for photovoltaic panels is PV panels. If you read something about photovoltaic panels or PV panels, then basically the same is always meant. Read more about Why is the sun energy the best renewable energy.

Solar energy Portugal – Home battery storage Algarve
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The project management definition is not fixed in a code of law.
There isn’t any law book that defines the project management definition. Every manager invents a new explanation or method. Nevertheless, there are a number of fixed components in each description. I encountered these parts through practical experience.

A project is a temporary partnership of people focused on concrete results. Project-based work is also a common language. It helps to understand each other and to make appointments. A language that ensures that what the other person does is predictable.

Home battery storage Portugal – Renewable power production Algarve

Home battery storage Portugal – Renewable power production Algarve
During the construction and realization phase, the inspection of the work will be carried out under my supervision. In many smaller projects I will take on the electricity part myself. For larger projects this is usually done by the supplier of the PV panels and associated components.

In almost all projects the documentation is provided by me. The licenses that must be provided to connect to the national electricity network are provided by a recognized organization that is licensed to issue these permits.

When everything is installed, we will look together to see if it has been carried out according to the project plan.

In general, 75% of the budget was spent at that time. If there are any residual points that do not match the project plan, it is my job to solve them for you.

Only when everything is fully in line with the Project, the last 25% budget is paid.

All payments are executed directly by you. They do not go through me or any other party. In this way you always have complete control over the budget and the payments. The last word is up to you!

The big advantage of a PV panel

It has no moving parts. Once the project is up and running, it can be maintained with minimal costs. Solar panel converts the radiation via conduction into electricity. So a photovoltaic panel can last a long time. A heavy downpour is – in time – even positive for a PV panel, because that makes the panel cleaner, so that more energy can fall on the panel.

The power that is generated takes place by conduction at ‘micro’ level with charged and uncharged particles. There are no turbines, rotor or other rotating parts that require long-term overhaul. (Because we opted for alternating current as a society a century ago, inverters have to be placed between these inverters and they have to be replaced.) So solar energy projects are a relatively safe investment. And of course directly one for a sustainable world.


Suppose a company goes bankrupt? Then the panels on the roof still deliver the energy and that power we can sell to a new tenant of the roof that has the most significant advantage, or we sell the electricity directly on the electricity grid.

We live in a time when we still have the choice to make the future different. We must ensure that the fuels stay in the ground, that CO2 levels in the atmosphere do not rise any further and that we do not heat up the earth much further as we now see year after year.

A more effective way to use the energy obtained by the panel’s is to charge your electric car. Free driving in terms of energy. And if you still have energy left in the batteries of the car you can use it again in your house. Sustainable energy with Vehicle to grid! Read this article about it!

So you can reliably make your impact and ensure a more sustainable world. And that’s nice in this way too!

A Quote from Wikipedia about a cell to a PV system:

From a cell to a PV system
Photovoltaic modules use light energy (photons) from the Sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The majority of modules use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells. The structural (load carrying) member of a module can either be the top layer or the back layer. Cells must also be protected from mechanical damage and moisture. Most modules are rigid, but semi-flexible ones based on thin-film cells are also available. The cells must be connected electrically in series, one to another. Externally, most of photovoltaic modules use MC4 connectors type to facilitate easy weatherproof connections to the rest of the system.