Solar power technology - Solar 2 Power - Renewable energy Portugal

Solar power technology for some years, in Portugal, Algarve, Loule. Solar2power is the business I represent. The work is mainly in the field of sustainable and Renewable energy Portugal.

Advising others how they can get the best and highest efficiency from their project. Installation of new or adaptation at existing home energy sunpower projects are part of the daily work.

The Portugal renewable energy policy is not clear to many. The EDP, for the national grid, is also unclear about what is possible and not.

Solar power technology - Solar 2 Power - Renewable energy Portugal

The work as an solar energy project manager.
PV panels are very popular in this beautiful sunny country part from Portugal, the Algarve. In this way, I travel as solar2power throughout Portugal Algarve and speak to many different people.

Most people have the same questions, how can they best save on their electra bill. They have often heard many stories from others about what goes wrong. Companies that are working in the solar industry, go bankrupt or not fully executed work.

All-round service.
You choose safety and the best return. We become your confidant for 20 years and beyond.

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My latest energy power projects, you can find them here.

Solar technology - Solar 2 Power - Renewable energy Portugal

About Jim Meijer

Work Past:
I the past I was working for a dutch firm Royal Imtech, eight years as project manager. The company went bankrupt, and I had to find a new job. I decided to move to the Algarve Portugal. Many future possibilities in the field of renewable photovoltaic energy, and special in battery power storage technology.

Commercial saving with Lithium Batteries:

Commercial saving isn’t counting on others to provide your home with electricity. Get your power output from the sun with photovoltaic PV panels. That way you don’t have to fear overwhelming bills. Store the surplus with home battery storage system to reduce the electra bill further.

You are in control of your green energy. Interesting isn’t it? A thermal water heater with solar panels or a home lithium battery is a perfect addition here.

Investing in photovoltaic panels is a smart move. Not only does your monthly costs fall, the value of your home increases. The A-level, how your home performs in terms of efficiency, is going down nicely.

You have earned back the investment in five to six years average. Because PV technology has become considerably cheaper compared to the early years.

Photovoltaic power technology storage

To convert light into concentrated solar power csp for storage. For example with the highly efficient RCT power lithium batteries. The return on your investment is a bit longer, but still in less then 10 years!

We offer a wide range of inverters for all types of PV modules and all power sizes of PV systems. For systems connected to the electricity grid, stand-alone running or back-up and power storage.
Products for the monitoring of installations, solutions for energy management and the comprehensive service package complete the portfolio.

"As a renewable energy expert, it is my responsibility to question existing technologies. I have spent a long time working on the problems of competitive battery storage systems. Together with RCT power experienced team of experts in the field of inverter technology, developed a novel solution. A flexible and reliable photovoltaic power storage system that impresses with its quality and simplicity of installation and application."

The traditional way of generating energy is harmful to the environment and are slowly becoming exhausted. For these reasons, the search for new and sustainable technologies to make renewable energy is continuing.

The sun is producing - how could it be otherwise - generating solar power energy. The heat and light coming from the sun is convert to electrical power. Photovoltaic electricity is eternal and environment friendly. That is why it's renewable energy.

Solar power technology - Solar 2 Power - Renewable energy Portugal

The light from the sun is converting into electricity. To convert sunlight, we need PV panels. These panels consist of several cells, which are made up of two layers of silicon (a semiconductor material).

When solar light falls on the material, a voltage difference between the two layers is generating electricity. When too much is generated, it can easily be supplied back to the grid.

In addition to converting to AC output, the concentrates sunlight can also be converted to heat ( Power2Heat ). This is called solar thermal power. A thermal water heater often is a collector on the roof. A storage tank with water under the roof and a separate after heater.

Therefore, thermal energy heater is a supplement to the standard boiler and only heats hot water for your kitchen and bathroom. If you also want your house to be heated by the sun, then choose a thermal water heater combination.