Solar power energy project Loule Portugal

Off-grid Solar power energy project Loule Portugal is born in 2017. The customer has a consumption of 60 kW to 110 kW per day. The dream for an energy project manager to make it efficient with the best PV power energy supplier in the Algarve.

Solar power energy project Loule Portugal

This energy project is a mix between grid-connected and off-grid solar power system. Store the PV system surplus power into lithium batteries. All the saved electricity can be used again at a later time, in the night or on less sunny days.

It is also an energy backup system if the national grid fails. The objective is that for about 6 hours these lithium cells can supply electricity to the entire estate. The power pack must complete recharged within 8.5 hours.


Above picture is designd with Sunny Design Pro. Sunny Design Pro is the new version of the system sizing software presented by SMA Solar Technology, which allows the simulation of renewable energy plants in an integrated way. The program can simultaneously configure not only devices that generate electricity and those that use it, but also storage systems and thermal components such as co generation power plants and heat pumps.

With Sunny Design Pro, it is possible to dimension PV systems connected to the grid, off-grid and photovoltaic-hybrid, save and manage projects and create installation sites and usage profiles.

The software also offers the possibility to manage picking and entry rates flexibly, to generate consumption and load profiles analysis and to simulate the use of storage systems even in peak load shaving applications. The designers can thus obtain complete documentation and accurate forecasts on the energy system's profitability to offer to customers.

Solar power energy project Loule Portugal

One of the outcomes of the sunny design web application is an energy-based diagram based on values entered. Very important for me as an energy project manager, but also for the customer. Of course it is a calculation on average values. But it gives a good impression about the planned PV system.

In this system, 3x Sunny Island 6.0H are planted as inverter and as a charge controller for the lithium batteries. Here are some technical data from the SMA Sunny Island.

Solar Energy Project.

As inverter for this small solar park of 94 PV panels I'm using the SMA Sunny Tripower STP 10000TL-20, and SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER STP 15000TL-30 paralel. Its a 3 phase photovoltaic PV grid system.

These inverter is particularly suitable for the construction of standard residential roof installations up to installations with a somewhat higher capacity. Thanks to the extension of the Sunny Tripower series with the new 10 kW and 12 kW versions, this series now covers a broad spectrum of applications. Thanks to proven Optiflex technology and asymmetric multi string, this inverter is exceptionally flexible and ensures maximum yield with its top efficiency and OptiTrac Global Peak.

In addition to the Bluetooth communication, this inverter also has a direct connection to the Sunny Portal via SMA Webconnect. Also, it comes with integrated functions for the support of grid management as standard. Moreover, is it suitable for use with a 30 mA earth leakage protection.

Solar photovoltaic power generation project Loule Portugal

The batteries that i'm using are from The RCT power litium battery. Decision has not been made yet. Depending on future expansion that may have to be done. In all likelihood, it will be three pieces of Rct Power battery 11.5kW.


With three pieces of Rct Power battery 11.5kW. the client has 8 hours, worst case scenario off self-consumption. So eight hour off-grid!

I'll show more pictures of the progress from solar projects as it goes along. Now I'm waiting for a constructor to make the iron frame, for placing the PV panels. That's one of the most important scenarios of this energy project.

The client lives on a hill, with a slope of 10%. The construction on this slope will take care that the panels are in an angle off 20% from the structure. That makes a total of panel angle of 30%. For Portugal Algarve an ideal slope for photovoltaic systems with solar panels.