SMA SUNNY BOY STORAGE 2.5 / 3.7 / 5.0 / 6.0

SMA Sunny Boy Storage, if you wish to store solar energy. Which can! Then it would be best if you had a battery inverter. After all, the production of solar power does not always go parallel with the moments you use a lot of energy.

Sunny Island and Sunny Central Storage make it possible to store your solar energy so that you can use it later. Combine lithium storage with a solar panel system!

SMA SUNNY BOY STORAGE 2.5 / 3.7 / 5.0 / 6.0

The Sunny Boy Storage is the battery inverter for high-voltage batteries from major reputable manufacturers. With a load and discharge capacity of 2.5 kW, it is ideal to meet the electricity needs of a private household.

Simple storing and cost-effective sun power

It the solution for people who want to make their house independent from conventional electricity suppliers and rising energy costs through interim storage of their solar power. It offers maximum flexibility, both now and in the future.

A smart combination, flexible and cost-effictive system design

With the SMA Boy Storage, the customer benefits from the considerably reduced system and installation costs and flexible applications. Whether a solar power installation is already producing or not, thanks to AC coupling the battery connections can be installed or expanded at any location, anytime.

The Sunny Boy Storage is a real jack-of-all-trades that has become a cost-effective, lightweight thanks to high-voltage technology. The storage solution consists of only a few components since most functions for intelligent battery use are already inside this smart equipment. It makes the ideal choice to bring more sun into your electricity supply, and the electricity costs down.


  1. For new and existing installations: reduced installation costs, can be added afterwards and expanded at any time if necessary.
  2. For almost all types of solar power installations: string PV inverters, microinverters and DC optimizers.
  3. Combine it with various energy sources: solar energy, wind energy and combination heat and power. ( power 2 heat )
  4. Almost Free Choice of lithium-ion battery type. For example with BYD lithium storage batteries.


  1. Most cost-efficient AC-coupled battery inverter on the market 97% efficiency makes optimum use of stored energy possible.
  2. Maximum yields without violating the applicable regulations regarding feed-in limits (e.g. EEG, KfW 275, Zero Export)


  1. Fast and uncomplicated installation by one person. Thanks to, among other things, the low weight of 9 kg.
  2. Easy installation with smartphone or tablet via WLAN and an intuitive web interface.
  3. Everything within reach thanks to the direct connection to sunny portal. The portal for all sma equipment.

Keep equal tred with new developments, find the right solution, now and in the future.

Installations with the Sunny Boy Storage can be flexibly integrating to individual needs at any time. Whether your family situation is changing if you are buying an electric car that needs to be recharged every day. Or to heat up a swimming pool. With the Sunny Boy Storage, storage systems and existing pv systems can be designed and expanded to meet specific needs.

The battery inverter is also versatile in terms of power generation. Everything is possible, from solar installations to wind turbines to combined heat and power. For a safe electricity supply at all times.

Suitable for every new start situation or excisting power plants.

New installations: Sun power plant with battery storage.

Do you want to be independent of conventional power generators and rising energy prices? The Sunny Boy Storage is a great, cost-efficient solution. You can install a storage system at the lowest possible cost and with just a few components. You can now save the energy of the sun, quickly and easily.

Do you still supply the surplus energy back to the grid with your solar installation? Then use a storage system to use the energy that you generate yourself. Together with the SMA home manager you benefit from a lower energy bill and greater independence from your electricity supplier. You only need three additional components: with the Sunny Boy Storage, the battery and the energy meter you can transform your existing solar installation into a full-fledged storage system.

Expand: Tuning existing renewable energy installation.

Do you want to expand your existing installation to save even more solar power? It is no problem for facilities with the Sunny Boy Storage. You can always broaden your solar installation afterwards to meet your energy needs, regardless of the storage system.

Smart lithium storage with SMA

For now and coming years the public grid acts as a buffer for people with solar panels. Too much energy production flows to the grid. Thats a national problem, with a lithium battery storage system and a smart home manager we can capture it.

Great investments worldwide in new, and hopefully cheaper, battery technology. By the time adjustments are made to the netting arrangement, the cost of the batteries will probably be a lot lower than today. A plus for the many owners of SMA inverters is that we can be sure that these devices will, in any case, be compatible with future battery solutions.

The new SMA Sunny Boy Storage or Sunny Island in combination with the Sunny Home Manager and sunny boy PV inverter, stay sma smart connected. For example, it is specially made to work with high-volt Lithium-ion batteries such as the B-Box HV from BYD. And of course, Tesla also has exciting products such as the Tesla powerwall.