SMA Sunny Island - Solar battery charger

SMA Sunny Island - Solar battery charger - Hybrid solar system for commercial enterprises and home energy management with SMA flexible storage system. Solar power load and energy management with SMA home manager 2.0 for lithium ion batteries. For single and three phase systems in the utility grid or off-grid.

SMA Sunny Island - Solar battery charger

How to use a solar panel to charge a battery.

The combination of energy from the Sun with battery storage is changing the way homeowners consume energy. It also creates new business opportunities for PV system installers. By storing the excess energy production in a battery, homeowners can monitor their energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energy. It reduces the electricity bill and makes them less dependent on energy.

Do solar battery chargers really work?

With a Solar battery charger, you can store the power of your PV panels in batteries and use them later (for example in the evening or on a cloudy day). By an inverter/battery charger, the energy from your PV panels goes directly to your batteries.

The SMA Sunny Island converts the power from your batteries back into usable electricity 230-volt. Therefore, If you use electricity, the power of your solar panel system is going directly to your equipment.

If this is not enough, the batteries are giving the demanding shortage of electricity. While there is not commanding electricity, the PV modules are charging the batteries.

Sunny Island battery inverters are the best solar powered battery chargers

This converter is made for lead battery and the type that's best suitable for renewable energy storage, the lithium ion batteries. In cooperation with the sma home manager 2.0 ensures operation in al critical situations that's demanding lower system costs and grid failures.

Especially here in Portugal where the electricity voltage levels are swinging between 190 to 250 volt. What is quickly damaging your electronic equipment. Without having a feed in measurement device, what is also a unnecessary costs in your solar energy system, the sunny island feeds you with a constant voltage level of 235 Volts.

Depending on your demand SMA has 3 types., the Sunny Island 4.4M, 6.0H and the Si 8.0H. The numbers Standing for the single phase kW that you need. The 6.0h 8.0h are somewhat different in price then the Si 4.4M.

Lithium ion battery and charger.

The support of the wide range on-grid and off-grid applications for size and type lithium ion battery is recorded in this file.

The amount of panels determines how much power you can use per day. The battery charger must be able to handle the power of your solar panels.

The battery determines how long you can continue to use power when the sun is not shining or at night. The larger the storage capacity of the batteries, the more buffer you have.

The inverter determines the maximum power of devices that you can connect. So choose the right inverter depending on which devices you want to use (simultaneously).

How to use a solar battery charger.

You can use a sunny island in different configurations.

  • Hybrid solar battery charger: You have a directly connection to the national grid with the solar inverter. The surplus goes into the battery. The home manager that is reading your electrical usage manage the proportions. With a fall-out from the grid you do not have electricity anymore. The PV inverter stops working, as also the battery inverter.
  • Backup solar battery charger: You have not a directly connection to the grid. The battery inverter foresee you with a constant power of 235Volts, even if the grid has a mall function or is not there for several hours. But be aware, if the battery is empty then there is no DC electricity to convert into your house. Practice has taught us to calculate the size of the battery so that you can be interrupted for at least 12 hours.
  • Off-grid solar system: There is No grid available. Al the energy has to come from the solar system and the Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 battery. By configuring the correct parameters, we can command the Sunny Island to start an agregate at, for example, 20% or battery charge. The aggregate wil charge the lithium storage until there is enough for several hours. See Off grid solar power system for homes

How does solar monitoring work?

In all situations the combination of SMA Smart Home, the Sunny Home Manager, with the Sunny Island, takes control of intelligent management between the PV system, devices and storage systems and controls all energy flows.

There are different ways to read the yield of your solar panels. With the newer inverters you can follow everything via the internet. In somewhat older models, look at the display of the inverter (s) themselves.

Do you have an inverter with display? Then you can read how much the system yielded in total. With SMA inverters, you can tap or tap the device to light up the screen. There is a sensor in the device that 'hears' when it is tapped. As a result, the screen will light up. Note that models that go completely 'off' at night, with a small two-line display, will not light up at night. The models with larger displays do.

All SMA inverters are standard equipped with Webconnect technology. So you can connect the inverter directly to the router and register and follow up for free via the online portal, Sunny Portal. This is a personalized (and free!) Personal website for the display of solar power installations, which you can log in from anywhere in the world. Have a look at the example installations on Sunny Portal.

You can also follow the plant data via the Sunny Portal app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

If you want to use energy in your home smarter, the Sunny Home Manager is the most suitable data logger to transfer the data to Sunny Portal and to create an energy overview.

Solar Safety

Quarantee Safety in an off-grid installation is by the high IP54 protection class. Also the wide temperature range and the very high overload capacity. Even in the most stubborn situations, optimum operation can be guaranteed thanks to energy management.

You can use Sunny Island inverters in single- and three-phase off-grid systems. Upgrading the system by adding the battery converter is possible.