Solar panel prices - How much does a solar panel cost?

Solar panel prices - How much do solar panels cost to install? Installation cost of a photovoltaic system installation are vary depending on your home situation. If you are buying PV panels and like to save on your electrical energy bills, you have to prepare your project. Have good overview of your electricity bills. Not only the total year consumption, but also the consumption per month. Paineis solares preços. Not sure how mutch panels you need, or storage batteries?

Solar panel prices - How much does a solar panel cost?

Are panel prices changed in recent years? Yes, very much, but we are on the bottom price of monocrystalline and Polycrystalline modules. In the next years, the price will not change allot per panel. The efficiency will improve, so as the PV technology. Therefore the total WP per panel will rise and more electricity generating wil accord! Also our electricity use will increase. The total price of a solar panel system installation is already stabilising for years.

Everyone who wants to install photovoltaic panels has the big question. Do I wait until the prices drop or not? And with good reason.

In the last five years, the price for a installation is halved. This decrease is mainly due to a better and cheaper production process. However, this sharp decline is now a thing of the past. The prices of a PV panel installation fell from 2017 to 2018 only 3%.

It means that the market is maturing and is now an ideal entry moment.
How much does a solar capacity panel cost?


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When you are considering installing a photovoltaic panel installation. One of the first questions is of course about to buy solar panels for the lowest price. PV modules are ideal to lower your electricity bills. And to become independent of the national grid ( like the EDP for the portuguese energy market ), suppliers and their rising prices. Besides, choosing photovoltaic modules also means a better and green world. For many, the initial cost will be the ultimate factor.

Installing solar panels portugal, how many panels do I need to zero out my electric bill?

To meet your electricity use with renewable energy systems, it depends on where you live on this earth. Here in Portugal, it is critical that your panels do not get too hot. When they get warmer than average 40 degrees, the energy efficiency decreases sharply. There is not so mutch to do here. You have to take into account, that 4 to 5 months per year, the return is halved.

Very often in these warm months the electricity use is higher, because of the air conditioning. You need some help to calculate how mutch panels you need? Read first about the feed in tariff scheme.

Furthermore, it's important to think about storing the surplus from the photovoltaic panels systems into solar batteries. You can have 30% more efficiently and save your electricity bills. The SMA sunny storage series is an excellent additional product for realising this.

Solar panel prices - How much does a solar panel cost?

The total price on the basis of the components:

  •      PV array and their yield
  •      Inverter and power
  •      Cabling, how many meters are needed and the thickness of the cables
  •      Carrying structure

In addition to the photovoltaic panels, the inverter is the essential part of an installation. The inverter ensures that direct current is converted into the alternating current so that it is usable for household appliances. Inverters come in all sizes, weights and above all, prices.

But the most important thing is that buying PV cells depends on the size of the installation and the necessary solar power in Portugal ( energia solar ) that you need. The capacity of the inverter is ideally between 90% and 110% of the Watt peak of the solar panel installation.

For a installation of 4000 Watt peak an inverter between 3600Wp to 4400Wp is recommended. Preferably less than the installed capacity of the installation. In practice, an inverter usually needs replacement within ten years. It is recommended to choose a brand with excellent support in Europe. Well known and trusted solar companie for inverters is the SMA inverter Group Germany for example. They have All-in-one green solar power plant solutions like the sunny boy.

One-off the market leaders for storage batteries and three-phase hybrid inverters is RCT-Power.

Many other brands have the same solution and quality. But not the distribution across Europe. Depending on one dealer in your area is a risk. For the best price is also a bit of competition helpful! To save on your energy bills is not a short-term decision! Before you earn money, you have to invest wisely in the environment and sustainable energy market.

Solar panel prices - Paineis solares preços - How much does a solar panel cost?

Electrical cable dimensioning.

You have to connect the collector to the inverter via DC cables. The thicknesses of the wires are calculated based on the power that runs through the cables and the length of the cabling. Try to find a place for the inverter within 15 to 20 meters of the panels. The losses over the cabling then always remain below 1%.

If electricity flows through electricity cables, losses occur. Due to the resistance of the cabling. How significant these losses depend on some factors such as the length of the wire, the thickness or diameter of the cable, the material, the size of the current and the voltage.

The loss can be compared to a file. When at the same time a hundred electrical cars will have to drive on a narrow one-lane road, this is slow, and traffic jams occur. For example, when the way becomes five-lane, it is easier to get cars. With a traffic jam it takes time, and with a cable it costs energy. The thicker the wire, the easier the energy flows through it.

We have two types of cables (this, of course, does not apply to microinverters). One cable runs from the panels to the solar inverter, and DC runs through (= Direct Current = DC cable). The other cable runs from the inverter to the meter cupboard. This cable is the 230-volt alternating current. The alternating current (= Alternating Current = AC cable) runs through this cable.

The electro-technical standard is a maximum of 5%. Every loss costs kilowatt hours, so that's what we want to prevent. But this is also a cost consideration. The thicker the cable, the fewer losses, that also means more costs for the wires. With a medium-size installation, you need at least a DC cable of 4mm2 thickness. For the AC wire, you also need a diameter of 4mm2.

Solar panel prices - How much does a solar panel cost? - Paineis solares preços.

   Carrying structure.

Solar panels get a lot to endure. Strong wind, rain and other thermal influences. Good assembly material is essential to guarantee a long service life. The right material affects the safety, speed and storm resistance.

For sloping roofs;
People will usually work with brackets and beams. You place them over the roof tiles. A convenient rail system makes the installation easy and fast. They are light profiles on which the PV collectors have there grip. They must be durable and weather-resistant to last a long time.

Often there are obstacles, such as chimneys, antennas and dormer windows. These cause shade. There may also be higher buildings or tall trees in the neighbourhood that create shade. Designing a green PV power installation plant is then a complicated process. Shadow sources have to be avoided as much as possible. But sometimes it is not possible to completely prevent shadow on solar array. With special 3D software, you can calculate the optimum set-up. Produce the most significant reasonable amount of green power generating with a few panels as possible.

For flat roofs;
Panels that are set up in a landscape (lying) position on a flat roof usually has a better yield than panels in portrait (standing) position. The internal string distribution in the photovoltaic boards makes that different. When, for example, a drop shadow appears on the bottom of the array, the solar panel will not work in portrait at all. When this happens in landscape position, the panel will work for 2/3. Boards in landscape position, therefore, start earlier and last longer, throughout the year.

In practice, it means that panels on a flat roof often have a higher yield than on a sloping roof. The heat under the boards is disappearing better by the influence of wind or thermic.

The most important thing with all ground mounting solar PV systems is the installation. The material can still be so solid and well tested, but if it is not properly fastened, it does not help. The system is as weak as the weakest link.

Solar panel prices - How much does a solar panel cost?

How much does a solar energy home system cost?

Cost of monocrystalline solar panel is very variable. It starts with buying photovoltaic cells for a reasonable price. Here you can read which types are all there and which is essential to you. Do not buy too expensive, but panels that are most suitable. Then you choose an inverter that has the power to converts sunlight at least 90% green renewable energy from your photovoltaic system into usable alternating current.

If you find a dealer for your inverter, also look at the dealer. Look around in the shop. Google them on the internet for more information. Make sure that he is reliable for the next ten years. Place your inverter as close as posible by the PV installation for the shortest DC cables.

Buy cables that are thick enough. Take care for a minimum loss of electricity! It's better to have thick ones than to thin. A perfect fitted frame to cary the panels is essential for a peach of mind in the next 20 years. Place the boards in the right angle. Here in Portugal and especially in the Algarve, it is better to have them in the right position for the winter sun than for the summer sun.

The return of your investment is also depending on the feed in tariff rates. Read more about it, at energy service for your home, how its is determent by the portuguese government.

The attitude of "Who makes the cheapest panels?" will the cost of solar panels saving you money in the long term? Your solar system has to generate electricity for the next 20 years and to provide your electricity need.
Cheap is Cheap, and there is mostly a good reason for. A free solar panel is not existing!

Plan your solar project in an early stadium. Like to have some help with that? We have the latest knowledge about photovoltaic technologies for you.