Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

Do you not only want to use a carport structure as parking areas but do you think that integrated solar panels in a roof are perhaps the ideal combination? It seems too good to be true, but you can directly generate solar energy by mounting panels as a rooftop. As it were solar canopies. Use the place for your vehicle not only as protection for your car but use this space sustainably. A solar panel and carports, the ideal combination.

Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

A solar carport system is a roof that allows you to park a car partially protected from the weather. Often a carport project with integrated panels is built attached to a house. Separate from the house has more advantage. The structure consists typically of a covered parking lot that is freestanding or attached.

Advantages of a carport with double glazed modules?

  • Is slightly transparent
  • looks chic and exclusive
  • Provides free energy
  • Sustainable
  • Installed anywhere, even for large parking lots
  • Is suitable for placing against a wall


The carport usually consists of a covered parking space where there is the possibility to install a roof. The sides are generally entirely or partially open. Solar carports are placed on a concrete surface or ground mount. Anchored in a hard surface using screw anchors. Once the frame is standing, they are attached to the roof construction as roofing. The solar carport solution protects your car against sun, rain and other weather conditions. The generated electricity can be fed back to your electricity grid, to a charging point for a hybrid or electric vehicles or to your battery storage system.

Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

Glass-glass or also called glass in glass photovoltaic panels. This type of SI module belongs to the new generation. It is said that this type is better because there is less degradation. This gives it a higher yield guarantee and a longer lifespan.

SI module or Glass-Glass advantages

A significant drawback of the regular PV system is that they have to deal with degradation over the years. In contrast to other photovoltaic modules, glass-glass consist of two layers of glass. Cells wil be better packed. This makes it stronger and more stable. You can use it longer because they are better resistant to all weather conditions, moisture and chemicals. Since you have 2 sheets of glass, the tensile strength of the module is superior in comparison with the standard. Because the glass is thicker. Especially helpful in high-wind areas.

More cost effective.

According to the manufacturers, these panels yield 25% more output than the traditional PV panels. Glass-glass is a lot more expensive than the other types. However, it is also very profitable so that you have earned back the investment quickly. A specialist can show you that over a period of 25 years you have a higher yield. The higher purchase price is therefore justifiable because you will earn more than just return.

Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

This picture is more meant as an example of commercial solar project carports. A lot of renewable energy production can be produced in this meaningful way. Especially in countries like Portugal. You can equip them as charging stations for V2G charging in parking areas nearby supermarkets. But in the first place, it is a fantastic possibility to generate a lot of energy in areas that are useless now. And everyone benefits from this.

The same can, of course, mean for individuals. Even with you, the roof of the garage or Carport is an unusable area. It is also a beautiful solution for cost-effective solar power generation. With a standard string inverter, you generate electricity for your home or electric bike.

Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

I write this article to make you aware of the many possibilities of using the Energy from the sun in a renewable way. Companies like Tesla, BMW I3 and Nissan with the Leaf, but also other manufacturers, have already thought about the next step. Electric vehicle charging with a PV carport has unprecedented possibilities. And by that, I mean not only to charge your EV. You can use the vehicle battery as a storage place for your electrical energy. With an inverter that can also extract energy from the EV and return it to the grid. But even better to use it for the energy supply in your home.

With a home EV wall charger, you have all the advantages you need. On average, an electric vehicle stands around for 20 hours of the day. Use those hours wisely. Use the EV as temporary stationary storage. What if you could supply your home with your own solar power from the EV? This is the vision behind the high-tech Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) solutions.

You understand, of course, that a photovoltaic carport completes this technique entirely.

This is what Nissan is saying about the subject.

EVs as power sources for living
“Vehicle to Home” is a system that allows you to supply your home with the energy stored in a Nissan LEAF’s battery.

By charging up a Nissan LEAF at daytime when there is more capacity for electrical supply and then using that electricity as the nighttime power source for a household.

Household power is supplied by the lithium-ion battery from the vehile. By installing a PCS (Power Control System) connected to the household's distribution board. While plugged into the EV quick charge port. Through the PCS, the V2G can also be charged with the household power supply.

Electric vehicles are the sustainable future of transport. But they are only genuinely sustainable as the electricity to recharge them comes from sustainable sources and not from fossil fuels. That is why companies and researchers are looking, among other things, at charging V2G with renewable energy in a PV charging station. The system is expandable. Just by linking multiple chargers and solar system.

Solar PV Carport - SI module for Electric Vehicle Charging

Do you want to make full use of all the advantages of your electric or hybrid car? Then drive on your own green power! You drive 100% green, and are independent of the large energy companies.

A new way in the future, in part separate from the electricity grid. Ask a solar installer for more information or,

To install solar carports makes the circle complete. From the energy of the sun to one of the most useful uses of renewable energy.