Sunny Home Manager 2.0 - SMA Power energy measurement

Sunny Home Manager 2.0 - SMA Power energy measurement is the renewed smart energy manager from SMA. It ensures that you use as much as possible self-generated PV energy in the home.

The higher self-consumption, the more electricity costs the owner saves. For this, it measures all relevant data for power PV generation, feed-in and grid collection. It even controls the battery storage system.

Based on local weather forecasts and the learned individual consumption profiles, it switches the controllable consumers in such a way that they work as much as possible on solar PV power. SMA solar makes renewable power generating with smart home management for solar panels systems easy.

Sunny Home Manager 2.0 - SMA Power energy measurement 

Smart equipment for managing and monitoring all green renewable energy flows in the house. It combines these with local weather forecasts to make your SMA Solar smart home function as efficiently as possible.

Ideal this combination, manager and SMA energy meter, in one. For direct use as much self-generated energy as possible. Even the Surplus is adjustable, control the feed in to the grid. Control your electricity bill in a easy way.

Place the SMA Smart Home Manager in the meter cupboard. Close to the grid connection point as posible on the DIN rail. Register for free in Sunny Portal and/or Sunny Places. Communicate with a LAN cable to your internet router.

SMA offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on this Smart product.

This smart energy measurement equipment monitors all energy flows in the house, automatically recognises potential savings and makes efficient use of solar power possible.

The new SMA Sunny Home Manager HM-20 is Manager and Energy Meter in one device. Together it makes intelligent energy management even more comfortable and cheaper, and offers the following benefits.

Functions of the sunny home manager:

  1. Intelligent energy management and power measurement in one device
  2. Lower PV system costs due to fewer components
  3. Measure energy flows in the household and monitors these based on forecasts
  4. Easy and quick to install
  5. Plug and play configuration after installation in the control cabinet
  6. Low installation costs save time and costs
  7. Sustainable communication connections
  8. Integrate more intelligent consumers via standard interfaces EEBus and SEMP interfaces
  9. Compatibility with inexpensive standard wireless WLAN-controlled connections makes control of simple consumers possible
  10. Compatible wireless socket: Edimax SP-2101W WLAN wireless socket

Sunny Home Manager 2.0 - SMA Power energy measurement

This WLAN wireless socket switches intelligent loads integrated and measures power consumption. Some examples for household appliances are washing machine, immersion heaters or heat pump. After logging in to the wireless outlet via the Edimax app in the local network, it appears as a new device in the Sunny Portal. It can be ad to the system with Sunny Home Manager 2.0 (see Sunny Home Manager 2.0 operating manual).

The Smart Home solar energy Manager is ONLY compatible with the wireless Edimax SP-2101W, wlan radio controlled sockets connection. Other wireless WLAN-controlled sockets from Edimax or other manufacturers do not have the support by the SMA smart manager. Moreover, the association of inverters via sunny home manager bluetooth is no longer possible!


Technical data :

  1. Manufacturer's item description: HM-20
  2. Dimensions: 70 mm / 88 mm / 65 mm (4 DIN rail subunits)
  3. Weight: 0.3 kg

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