Solar power the best renewable energy?

Solar power the best renewable energy? It is so promising because the price of the PV systems has been steadily declining for years. On a regular basis, researchers discover new technologies that either increase the yield or decrease the production price. There is a direct relationship between the number of PV systems sold worldwide and the fall in prices.

With every doubling of sales in the world, the cost drops by 20%. Moreover, it goes very fast. Over the past few years, the market has grown by 50% per year! Currently, the price of generate electricity by a solar PV system is already lower as the price, consumers pay for their power.

Solar power the best renewable energy?

If you have achieved all of your electricity saving and consumption options. Then the next step is to become a green energy producer. With PV power systems, it is possible to generate your total electric energy consumption yourself. PV panels are therefore an essential step towards the green neutral homes of the future.

Sustainable sources off energy such as sun, wind, solar thermal and geothermal energy system do not cause air pollution and low CO2 emissions. Another advantage is it never runs out. This is in contrast to coal, oil and natural gas. The combustion of these fossil fuels contributes strongly to climate change.

Climate change, solar radiation and CO2 reduction.

No matter how we turn the numbers now, the CO2 content in the atmosphere has increased to excessive proportions as a result of human intervention. Knowledge and research institutes unanimously state that we can no longer wait for the best or the cheapest solution for the CO2 surplus. All the options we have at our disposal must be optimally used. We have to limit the global temperature rise and bringing down the percentage greenhouse gases.

The renewable energy source with minor adverse side effects.

A PV panel requires little maintenance, makes no noise, does not stink and is easy to place on any roof. Moreover, this clean source has no social drawbacks from many other sustainable sources. Like hydropower, that makes use of existing ecosystems, which are affected or disappear.

Alternatively, for example, biomass that competes with food and increases the price. Photovoltaics panels on each his roof is the most democratic way of generating electricity, the sun is all of us!

Solar energy the best renewable energy mix?

Our electricity requirements are for the most part covered by oil, gas and coal. Fossil fuel extraction and transport are the sources of much human suffering, global warming and pollution. Also, the availability of oil from unstable regions is uncertain.

For many years it has been speculated when the oil will be up. Enough reason to switch to other sustainable and local power sources.

Other power generators like wind power are asking for more technical demand and maintenance. Wind farms can for a large part provide clean, inexhaustible electricity. The production of a wind turbine costs power.

Wind turbines generate electricity without polluting the air, without burdening the climate and without depleting raw materials. However, CO2 is released when building, maintaining and breaking down the turbine. After 3 to 6 months of operation, a turbine has already saved that amount of CO2 emissions. During the lifetime of a wind turbine, 20 years, it produces up to 80 times as much as needed to build one.

The efficiency is much higher than at a coal or nuclear power plant. But lower then producing electric generation with the sun. The amount of energy generated from uranium, nuclear, is 10 to 100 times less CO2 productief than clean energy production from fossil fuels. That is about the same as for electricity production from wind, water and sun.

Photovoltaic power the best renewable energy?

The benefits to install PV technology and the environmentally friendly power generation;

  • Contributing to a sustainable future:

    It is clear that on this large scale we can not continue with the pollution and exhaustion of our environment. The transition to a long term sustainable electricity supply is one of the first steps that have to overcome. With the purchase of PV panels, you can make a positive contribution yourself.

  • Financial:

    PV panels are an excellent investment. In addition to the many local and national subsidies, photovoltaic solar cells are a direct way to save on your electricity bill. Even without subsidies, it is already attractive to invest in your solar photovoltaic power plant. It is already possible to fix your electricity price for the next 25 years at a lower price than you pay to the electricity company!

  • Generating your energy is great:

    The moment you start using photovoltaic panels, a consciousness arises that the electricity we use is not just natural. To generate this electricity yourself is a great feeling. Turning your meter back for the first time will open your eyes, and those of neighbours, family and friends.
    You are the owner of your electricity supply. It makes you a lot less dependent on the large monopolistic electricity companies low feed in tariff.

Also, you will automatically become more electricity conscious and more economical if you have photovoltaic panels on your roof.

Photovoltaic power systems are the best renewable energy source!

Give it a try. Invest and save on youre electricity bill!